Who we are

Midland Learning is the e-learning site of the Bay of Plenty District Health Board.

Our guiding philosophies

Innovation: Actively scouting the future, generating new ideas, choosing the best, rapidly and effectively implementing them, and then learning the lessons from successes and failures in order to begin again.

Sustainability: Measurable outcomes that are sustainable, value for money, working with services and external agencies, as appropriate, to achieve this.

Emerging Learning technology: keeping current on those emerging technologies best suited to help engage students and improve learning outcomes.

Open licenses: a strong emphasis will be placed on the open environment elements utilising the Creative Commons licensing to meet the NZGOAL guidelines. It is widely recognised that re-use of non-copyright work by individuals and organisations may have significant creative and economic benefit for New Zealand.

Effective practice with ePortfolios: not only a collection of digital artefacts articulating experiences, achievements and learning for professional bodies, but also career plans, re-using artefacts for multiple audiences, adding value to personalised and reflective models of learning.

Continuous Engagement: 2-way engagement between Midland Learning and all its stakeholders from the beginning to the end of all developments will be encouraged to try and ensure that all needs are met.

Evidence based and supporting good practice: All content will be based on sound evidence, or seeking to produce that evidence, which can then be used to reinforce and disseminate good practice.

Self-correcting quality assurance: Every action may not be exactly on target but all actions will be pointed in the right direction and moving basically toward the target in a self-correcting pattern.

Constant opportunities for practice: Old thinking is revisited. Old errors are reflected on. Complex ideas are re-approached from new angles. Divergent concepts are contrasted. Bloom’s taxonomy is constantly travelled up and down, from the simple to the complex in an effort to maximise our employee’s opportunities to learn—and demonstrate understanding—of content.

Growing our own talent: By upskilling and developing our course facilitators and subject matter experts to distribute the expertise and embed new knowledge and skills within the health sector.

Paper light: Our training records will be electronic, interfacing with existing HRIS centralised professional development records. By having an electronic record we enable portability and interoperability of the professional development record.