When creating your account, the following explains the important and mandatory fields (mandatory are those with a red asterix beside). At the bottom of this page is a button to Create New Account.

Choose your username and password

Username : You can pick any word you like, providing it is not already used. Your work login or full name is a good username. 

  • Your work username is made up of the first 4 letters of your first name and first four letters of your last name.  Eg the user Cold Power would become coldpowe, the user Tom Smith would become tomsmit
  • If you are creating the account yourself, please use your full name eg coldpower or tomsmith; convenient and easy to remember too.
  • At a later date if you would like your username changed  contact Learning Technology support.

Password : Pay attention to the requirements of 8 characters with:

  • at least one lowercase letter (a)
  • at least one capital letter (A)
  • at least one number (1)

This is what is known as a strong password which means it is more difficult for some to try and guess.  An example of a strong password could be MfcwbiJ1995 which is a password made from the sentence “My first child was born in June 1995” or maybe ImJiD2006 which is a password made from the sentence “I married Jenny in December 2006”.  A sentence may be much easier to remember than a random set of characters and numbers.

 A weak password is usually made up of a series of full words such as letmein, password or a combination of keyboard keys together such as 12345678 or abcdefgh.  Too easy to guess!

 Once you are happy with your password and you can easily remember it, your Midland Learning password never expires which means you don’t have the change it – ever!

Email address

Email address :The email address you choose must be active, eg you use it because a confirmation email about your login will be sent to this email address.  It does not need to be a work email address. You can use a personal email address too if you wish.

Security Question

The CAPTCHA is for preventing abuse from automated programs. Simply enter the words in the box, in order and separated by a space.

 security question

If you are not sure what the words are, you can try getting another CAPTCHA or an audio CAPTCHA..

District Health Board Fields

Two pieces of information which are very important to complete are the Employer and Employee Number. 

Employer : specifies which DHB employes you or the tertiary institute you are enrolled with. If you are not an employee - select other.

Employee no : We need this to ensure you can be credited with your online learning. If you do not know your employee number leave it blank, then later you can update it through My profile settings (About me) . If you are not from a DHB, choose other for employer then leave blank. If you are a student choose your institute and enter your student ID or leave blank.

Once you have created the account, an email will be sent to the email address you supplied.  There will be a link you click to confirm the account, and then you can access the Midland Learning courses.

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